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Area-specific LJ Knitting Communities

The illustrious sarakate suggested that we create a post listing the knitting communities for specific locations in the universe- the idea being that if you cannot find info you need here, that you could try one of these for the area you are looking for LYS info in. Please be respectful and take the time to review what any community's rules are prior to posting.

These are the knitting communities that I've been able to identify on my own, just by running a few interest searches in LJ. I am only linking to the communities that appear to be active and open to anyone. Please leave a comment with a link to any other lj communities that can be added to this list.

United Kingdom
brit_knits: UK
craftgrrl_uk: UK
ed_stitchnbitch: Edinburgh, Scotland
leiccraftster: Leicester, England
stitchnbitchgla: Glasgow, Scotland

hali_craft: Halifax/Nova Scotia
cancity_crafts: Lower Mainland, British Columbia
winnipegart: Winnipeg, Manitoba
bramptonknits: Brampton, Ontario
montreal_crafts: Montreal, Quebec
snbto: Toronto, Ontario
tbay_snb: Thunder Bay, Ontario
wpg: Winnepeg, Manitoba

United States
bloomingtonsnb: Bloomington, Indiana
cloudcityknitty: Puget Sound, Washington
knit_chicago: Chicago, Illinois
knit_me_baby: Portland, Oregon
la_knitters: Los Angeles, California
mdknitters: Maryland/ MidAtlantic US
mkeknitting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
nola_stitch: New Orleans, Louisiana
pdx_knitters: Portland, Oregon
phillyknitters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
portlandcraft: Portland, Oregon
snbprov: Providence, Rhode Island
wheedlesneedles: (south) Seattle, Washington
minnknit: Minnesota
a2_ypsi_snb: Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan
15501_knitting: Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina
austintextiles: Austin, Texas
bucksknit: Bucks County/Newtown, Pennsylvania
chickswsticks: (northeast) Houston, Texas
craftcrew: Panama City, Florida
craftybitches: Richmond, Virginia
creativenola: New Orleans, Louisiana
dc_knit: Washington, D.C.
dfw_crafters: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
indyknit: Indianapolis, Indiana
kc_crafters: Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas
lakeland_snb: Lakeland, Florida
machiasknitters: Machias, Maine
nccrafts: North Carolina
okc_knitters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
orlando_knits: Orlando, Florida
pgh_crafters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
snbchattanooga: Chattanooga, Tennessee
stitchpdx: Portland, Oregon
stitchybitches: Capital Hill neighborhood, Seattle, Washington
baystatecrafter: Massachusetts
beachknitters: Florida
houston_knit: Houston, Texas
knitdrinkprov: Providence, Rhode Island
spokanecrafty: Spokane, Washington
texasknits: Texas

elsewhere in the world
rekoczyn: Warsaw, Poland
stitch_n_bitch: Brisbane, Australia
aus_craft: Australia
localcraftsters: Singapore, Hong Kong
knit_il: Israel
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