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Yarn Shop Locator and Reviews' Journal
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Saturday, March 1st, 2008
11:52 pm
Online Shopper

I have to buy most ok all of my yarn online. I was wondering if anyone had some good websites for me to buy, good quality, hand dyed yarns. I am interested in cotton, boucle, worsted yarns. I am mainly making blankets right now so I like the thicker style yarns. Can anyone help a yarn buying newbie a hand? Thank you 

Current Mood: grateful
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
11:33 am
Yarn Shops in London?
Hey everyone,

I just moved to London for the year, and am definitely in need of some yarn and other craft supplies. I'm living in New Cross, right by Greenwich but am not opposed to hopping around the city to see different stores.

I am especially looking for some relatively inexpensive yarn to start a large quilt out of. At home I"d probably try Jo-anns or Michaels first, but I have no idea if there are similar stores here.

Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Monday, August 13th, 2007
11:25 pm
Colorado LYS
I belong to a Denver knitting Yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DenverKnits if anyone wants to join). We just came up with a list of all the local yarn shops that we as a group know of in Colorado. There may be others, but this is a good place to start. Under the cut are the names of the stores, addresses, and towns. If you need the phone number, google can help out with that.

behind a cut, because this is a long listCollapse )

I hope this helps!
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
12:53 am
Area-specific LJ Knitting Communities
The illustrious sarakate suggested that we create a post listing the knitting communities for specific locations in the universe- the idea being that if you cannot find info you need here, that you could try one of these for the area you are looking for LYS info in. Please be respectful and take the time to review what any community's rules are prior to posting.

These are the knitting communities that I've been able to identify on my own, just by running a few interest searches in LJ. I am only linking to the communities that appear to be active and open to anyone. Please leave a comment with a link to any other lj communities that can be added to this list.

United Kingdom
brit_knits: UK
craftgrrl_uk: UK
ed_stitchnbitch: Edinburgh, Scotland
leiccraftster: Leicester, England
stitchnbitchgla: Glasgow, Scotland

hali_craft: Halifax/Nova Scotia
cancity_crafts: Lower Mainland, British Columbia
winnipegart: Winnipeg, Manitoba
bramptonknits: Brampton, Ontario
montreal_crafts: Montreal, Quebec
snbto: Toronto, Ontario
tbay_snb: Thunder Bay, Ontario
wpg: Winnepeg, Manitoba

United States
bloomingtonsnb: Bloomington, Indiana
cloudcityknitty: Puget Sound, Washington
knit_chicago: Chicago, Illinois
knit_me_baby: Portland, Oregon
la_knitters: Los Angeles, California
mdknitters: Maryland/ MidAtlantic US
mkeknitting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
nola_stitch: New Orleans, Louisiana
pdx_knitters: Portland, Oregon
phillyknitters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
portlandcraft: Portland, Oregon
snbprov: Providence, Rhode Island
wheedlesneedles: (south) Seattle, Washington
minnknit: Minnesota
a2_ypsi_snb: Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan
15501_knitting: Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina
austintextiles: Austin, Texas
bucksknit: Bucks County/Newtown, Pennsylvania
chickswsticks: (northeast) Houston, Texas
craftcrew: Panama City, Florida
craftybitches: Richmond, Virginia
creativenola: New Orleans, Louisiana
dc_knit: Washington, D.C.
dfw_crafters: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
indyknit: Indianapolis, Indiana
kc_crafters: Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas
lakeland_snb: Lakeland, Florida
machiasknitters: Machias, Maine
nccrafts: North Carolina
okc_knitters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
orlando_knits: Orlando, Florida
pgh_crafters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
snbchattanooga: Chattanooga, Tennessee
stitchpdx: Portland, Oregon
stitchybitches: Capital Hill neighborhood, Seattle, Washington
baystatecrafter: Massachusetts
beachknitters: Florida
houston_knit: Houston, Texas
knitdrinkprov: Providence, Rhode Island
spokanecrafty: Spokane, Washington
texasknits: Texas

elsewhere in the world
rekoczyn: Warsaw, Poland
stitch_n_bitch: Brisbane, Australia
aus_craft: Australia
localcraftsters: Singapore, Hong Kong
knit_il: Israel
Saturday, November 18th, 2006
12:58 pm
East SF Bay, CA shops
I'm up in the San Francisco area at least a couple of times a year, and every time I visit, I try to stop by an LYS or two (there are a lot of them up there, so it'll take awhile!). So, fairly recent first impressions of three East Bay shops:

Article Pract
5010 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Sock yarn is pretty much the only kind I'll buy on impulse, and this shop is particularly tempting if you're like me. The yarns themselves are nice, there's a good amount of brands and colors, and the pricing makes me happy (though your mileage may vary on the latter; it seems good to me because prices are, on average, at least $1/skein higher in San Diego county, where I live). The space isn't particularly open or well-lit, but it doesn't feel completely crammed full, either. Which is surprising considering how much stuff they have; they have plenty of nice yarns (not just for socks!). I didn’t need staff assistance, but a couple of other customers within earshot did, and based on what I overheard, the staff seemed pretty helpful.

Stash Yarn
1820 Solano Ave, Suite B-2, Berkeley, CA 94707

They have some really nice stuff (plenty of Lorna's Laces, for example) in a nice, open, well-lit space. However, I wasn't thrilled by the fact that several of the cubbies are crammed full, making browsing difficult. For example, they had one or two skeins each of 20+ colorways of Artyarns Supermerino, all shoved into one (or was it two?) small nooks; it was so frustrating to dig through that I just gave up. They have overstock on top of the shelves, so if find something you like, you can ask them to retrieve additional skeins for you.

Tuscany Yarn
1916 Encinal Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Some of their yarn is nice, but they don't have much of a selection at all. There are very few books, and not a whole lot of interesting patterns. They have a fair amount of Clover needles, but not much else in that department. And when compared to other shops in the metro area (and shops in San Diego county), all of the yarns and notions seem pretty expensive. The markup, combined with the lack of selection, means I won't be going back. But at least the employee who was working when I visited was very pleasant.
3:47 pm
LYS, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
This city seems worthy of only one small store that's dedicated the selling yarn, but in all fairness, Cricket Cove does a fairly good job of supplying people in Saint John with high quality yarns and fibre arts supplies.

Located in the uptown area, towards the lower end of City Market, tucked away in a little corner, is the Cricket Cove stall. Run by friendly people, this store is a welcome break from buying yarn at places like Michael's, or department stores. In addition to high-end yarns like Noro and Debbie Bliss, they also carry roving, pattern books and magazines, drop spindles, needles, and all other sorts of knitting paraphernalia.

They do run a Knit Cafe, where people are welcome to drop by and have a bit of a sit-and-knit, chat, drink tea. They do run classes every once in a while, and rumour has it that they'll soon be stocking spinning wheels and running classes for those who'd like to learn how to use them.

It is a small store, but it brings a much needed bit of class to those of us in this small city that enjoy knitting with something that's not Lion Brand or Bernat.
Friday, November 17th, 2006
12:37 pm
LYS Southeastern Indiana, Midwest
Knitty Paws is a great place to sit and knit, shop, and just touch all the yarn.

Cottage Knits is also a wonderful place with lots to choose from. :)
12:06 pm
I'd like to recommend two LYS's that I have visited and enjoyed.

The first is Sheep Street (http://www.sheepstreet.com/), a locally-owned store run by a husband-and-wife team, with a friend of theirs as the third partner in the store. My fiber buddy who has gone to their shop and I are now greeted by name. They are certainly fiber enthusiasts, and have a gorgeous flock of about 100 Shetland sheep, some of which you can watch right next to the store. Their selection of colorful wools is very satisfying. A fun place to go get ideas, touch some really lovely speciality fibers (they have some lovely alpaca yarn there), and browse through their book section.

The other LYS is Yarns Unlimited (http://www.yarnsunlimited.com/). Suzanne, the owner of the shop, is a lovely person, and is very helpful without being pushy or hovering. It is not a huge shop, but there is a selection of yarns suitable for baby items, cones for weaving (Suzanne is a weaver as well), and some lovely yarns - including the standards of Cascade 220, there is a nice selection of sock yarns, a few locally-dyed yarns, etc. A cozy environment.
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
5:21 pm
LYS : Winchester, Virginia
I think that this community is a great idea!  Everytime I travel, I visit a new yarn store.

I live in Winchester, VA, about an hour or so from Washington DC in northern Virginia.  There is a great yarn store in the area.  

Frog Eye Fiber Emporium is nestled down a back road in the country.  Sue, the owner, runs the store out of her home.  She is amazingly friendly and helpful.  She carries a lot of the basic yarns (Cascade 220, Cherry Tree Hill, Debbie Bliss) as well as handspun specialty yarns (Mountain Colors, some of her own yarn that she spins.)  If there is something that she doesn't carry, she can usually order it.  Her prices are good and the store is inviting, with a sitting area to knit and chat.  Her website is under construction, but she is always willing to talk to customers on the phone to give them directions to her store, or just talk to them about her store in general.

This is,by far, one of my favorite yarn stores!

5:07 pm
Houston yarn shops
Since I already maintain the list of Houston yarn shops for houston_knit, I'm going to link to it, rather than try to duplicate the content. Click here for a list of all the shops, and mini-reviews in the comments to that post.

By the way, mods? I think a single post with a list of all the area-specific LJ knitting communities would probably be a really useful thing, which could be linked to in the memories and/or on the info page for the community.
3:22 pm
Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) LYS's
The Twin Cities Metro Area is pretty lucky to have a large number of darn nice yarn shops, so us yarn-lovers aren't limited to the big-box stores like Michael's and Wal*Mart.

Read more...Collapse )

There are at least a dozen or two more a few hours out from the Twin Cities and in Duluth, but for the Metro Area this is a good start.
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
7:20 pm
Review: Needlework Unlimited
Needlework Unlimited, 4420 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
website: www.needleworkunlimited.com
review!Collapse )
5:19 pm
Yarn Stores in the greater San Diego, CA area
A list of San Diego yarn shops with addresses and hours can be found here. Behind the cut are brief reviews of the ones I've been to, including any specialty items they carry.

onward!Collapse )
Let me know if anyone wants more info on any of these.
6:40 pm
Tagging & Posts
My thoughts on tagging for the community:

I don't think we will limit the tags that can be used, unless at some point there is a lot of trouble with inappropriate tagging. Feel free to create tags as needed, location tags might be modified to make them more uniform for searching purposes.


  • LYS reviews should be tagged with the location: at the very least including the city and region (e.g. Minneapolis, Midwest US) or as 'internet' for online shops. For somewhere larger, like NYC, you may want to include the burough. For somewhere smaller, the state/province/etc.

  • Tag all reviews as 'review', natch

  • Feel free to add other tags, such as 'rant', 'rave', etc.

Looking for a LYS in a specific area?

  • Tag as 'request'

  • Tag with location of where you are looking

What else is there? Tag other posts & discussions as you see fit.
Friday, December 31st, 2010
2:08 pm
Here are some great LYS resources to get started:

- Craftster thread: LYS's we LOVE
- About.com's Yarn Shop Reviews
- Knitty.com's forums have LYS Review and Yarn Sale Spotter boards (registration is required to view forums)
- Woolworks.org International!
- MapMuse US shops
- Interweave Knits Traveling Knitter's Sourcebook
- Knitter's Review Shop Talk forums

Other good places to start a search include the advertising sections of knitting magazines, yarn manufacturer websites, the phone book or Google Maps.
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